The Samsung Galaxy A12 is such an impressive smartphone

, especially considering that it comes with features and capabilities that are way beyond its predecessors. Since its debut, the Galaxy A12 has already received critical acclaim from many users due to several unique features that set it apart from other smart phones. As a matter of fact, this mobile phone has already become one of the most sought after devices by many smartphone users. So, if you want to purchase this smartphone now, you should start your search right away because this is one of the best choices in the market today. galaxy a12

If we look at the unique features integrated into this device, we can find that the Galaxy A12 has two screens. One screen is an LCD unit that serves as the home screen on this smartphone. It is possible to access applications and other features of this phone through the home key on the side. On the other screen, you can find a secondary display, commonly referred to as the fingerprint scanner. This enables you to perform secure and convenient fingerprint logins on this smartphone even while you are in a public place such as a restaurant or a bus station. Since the Galaxy A12 comes with an impressive 2MP shooter, you can take several photos and videos with the help of this second screen.

In terms of the hardware, the Galaxy A12 comes with a dual camera, namely, a 12.2 MP main camera and a 5.2 MP front-facing camera. The latter unit is usually referred to as the shooter as it can be used for facial recognition. The main camera comes with OIS or image stabilization technology to provide smooth video and photo shots. The battery of this smartphone is also impressive, being able to make it last for more than 10 hours. Thus, when you purchase this handset now, you get to experience a powerful and efficient smartphone at an affordable price.